Hugo Awards: Best series

Published on 17 July 2020

The Expanse, James A. Corey
First book: Leviathan Wakes.   
Humanity has colonised the solar system - Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt and beyond - but the stars are still out of our reach. Jim Holden is an officer on an ice miner making runs from the rings of Saturn to the Belt. When he and his crew stumble upon a derelict ship, the Scopuli, they find themselves in possession of a secret they never wanted. A secret that someone is willing to kill for. War is brewing in the system, unless Jim can find out who left the ship and why. Detective Miller is looking for a girl. One girl in a system of billions, but her parents have money and money talks. When the trail leads him to the Scopuli and rebel sympathiser Holden, he realises that this girl may hold the key to everything.  (Publisher summary) 
Next in the series: Caliban's war, Abaddon's gate, Cibola burn, Nemesis games, Babylon's ashesPersepolis rising,Tiamat's Wrath

We also have the TV adaptation: Season 1, 2, and 3.

discount armageddon.jpgInCryptid, Seanan McGuire
First book: Discount Armageddon   
Verity Price, who has been trained from birth as a cryptozoologist - a monster hunter - attempts to pursue a career in professional ballroom dance, but dangerous cryptids and an enemy operative keep getting in the way. (Publisher summary)
Next in the series: Midnight blue-light special, Half-off ragnarok, Pocket apocalypseChaos choreography, Magic for nothing, Tricks for free, That ain't witchcraft



ne w moon.jpg Luna, Ian McDonald 
First book: New Moon
The Moon wants to kill you. Whether it's being unable to pay your per diem for your allotted food, water, and air, or you just get caught up in a fight between the Moon's ruling corporations, the Five Dragons. You must fight for every inch you want to gain in the Moon's near feudal society. And that is just what Adriana Corta did. As the leader of the Moon's newest "dragon," Adriana has wrested control of the Moon's Helium-3 industry from the Mackenzie Metal corporation and fought to earn her family's new status. Now, at the twilight of her life, Adriana finds her corporation, Corta Helio, surrounded by the many enemies she made during her meteoric rise. If the Corta family is to survive, Adriana's five children must defend their mother's empire from her many enemies... and each other. (Publisher summary)
Next in series: Wolf Moon, Moon Rising 

bear-and-the-nightingale.jpgThe winternight trilogy, Katherine Arden  
First book: The bear and the nightingale   
At the edge of the Russian wilderness, winter lasts most of the year and the snowdrifts grow taller than houses. But Vasilisa doesn't mind--she spends the winter nights huddled around the embers of a fire with her beloved siblings, listening to her nurse's fairy tales. Above all, she loves the chilling story of Frost, the blue-eyed winter demon, who appears in the frigid night to claim unwary souls. Wise Russians fear him, her nurse says, and honor the spirits of house and yard and forest that protect their homes from evil. After Vasilisa's mother dies, her father goes to Moscow and brings home a new wife. Fiercely devout, city-bred, Vasilisa's new stepmother forbids her family from honoring the household spirits. The family acquiesces, but Vasilisa is frightened, sensing that more hinges upon their rituals than anyone knows. And indeed, crops begin to fail, evil creatures of the forest creep nearer, and misfortune stalks the village. All the while, Vasilisa's stepmother grows ever harsher in her determination to groom her rebellious stepdaughter for marriage or confinement in a convent. As danger circles nearer, Vasilisa must defy even the people she loves and call on dangerous gifts she has long concealed--this, in order to protect her family from a threat that seems to have stepped from her nurse's most frightening tales. (Publisher summary)
Next in the series: The girl in the tower, The winter of the witch

The wormwood trilogy, Tade Thompson
First book: Rosewater
Rosewater is a town on the edge. A community formed around the edges of a mysterious alien biodome, its residents comprise the hopeful, the hungry and the helpless - people eager for a glimpse inside the dome or a taste of its rumoured healing powers. Kaaro is a government agent with a criminal past. He has seen inside the biodome, and doesn't care to again - but when something begins killing off others like himself, Kaaro must defy his masters to search for an answer, facing his dark history and coming to a realisation about a horrifying future. (Publisher summary) 
Next in the series: The Rosewater insurrection, The Rosewater redemption
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