More than Books: Ears, Eyes and E’s Bookclub

Published on 23 June 2020

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Love to read? Looking for a group to share your book thoughts and recommendations?
Check out one of our regular adults programmes,

More than Books: Ears, Eyes and E’s Book club.

This monthly book club starts back on Thursday, 9 July, at 5.30pm.
You'll spot this lovely group near the New Books shelf in our Central Library. ❤️

More than Books has a set theme for each month. You get to choose any book you would like to read and talk about as long as it matches the monthly theme.

Our July theme is 'Books we would recommend' - a great opportunity for you to share your favourite reads or those books that really had an impact on you. We all have stories that we hold dear and are keen for others to enjoy! 
So if you are looking for new books to discover, come along and chat about your favourite books with us in July.

This group is held on the second Thursday of each month, 5.30pm, at our Central Library. We read physical books, eBooks and audiobooks, and new people are always welcome to join. 

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