Story Writing Competition 2021: Teen & Adult Categories

Published on 19 May 2021

 We are excited to announce the winners in the Teen and Adult categories of the very first Story Writing Competition here at Upper Hutt Libraries!

We had a fantastic turnout of entries for this competition and were impressed by the writing talent that we have here in Upper Hutt. Thank you to everyone who shared their writing with us and submitted an entry this year – we are looking forward to read more from you next year.

Huge congratulations to the winners and shortlisted writers!



1stNo Place for an Old Woman(PDF, 2MB) ” by Caro

2ndTwilight Thoughts for My Mokopuna(PDF, 2MB) ” by Margit”

3rdAll That Glitters(PDF, 694KB) ” by Rose


Stitched Up: the Great Wedding Dress Conundrum(PDF, 2MB) ” by Kate

The Misanthropic King(PDF, 2MB) ” by Paul

A Sweet Solution(PDF, 1MB) ” by Audrey




1stMy Star, Shara(PDF, 2MB) ” by Oscar

2ndThe Seventh(PDF, 2MB) ” by Samuel

3rdOnly Fools Look Towards the Sun(PDF, 613KB) ” by Emily


The Porcelain Mask(PDF, 1MB) ” by Chrystelle

The Crying Angel(PDF, 1MB) ” by Elysia

Diagnosis: Heartsickness(PDF, 471KB) ” by Olivia

“Death and Sisters” by Anastasia (currently not available for download)

The Loneliest Summer(PDF, 969KB) ” by Thomas



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