We've got THE book!

Published on 14 February 2020

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Taika Waiti recently won an Oscar for "Best adapted screenplay" for his film "Jojo Rabbit." The book it was based on, Caging Skies, is a big hit in our collection!

Then there's the Netflix adaptation of Locke and Key, based on the graphic novels of the same name by Joe Hill. We've got all of the books for you to enjoy! The Witcher was also based on a series of books...and we have those as well. No luck on the video game though - you'll have to play that at home. 

Little Women is a perennial favourite, and we have that in multiple formats. 

Then there's the upcoming adaptations that we're really excited about:


There are plenty more literary adaptations coming out this year so watch this space - we'll keep you updated on what's coming up and what we have.






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