Superhero Drawing Competition 2024

Superhero Drawing Competition.jpg

Inspired by the e-resource ComicsPlus, Upper Hutt Libraries invites all young artists aged 3 to 12 who love their heroes and villains to join our exciting new Superhero Drawing Competition 2024.

The theme for the competition is “Superheroes”.

How to participate 

  • Download the A3 template or pick up a copy from any of our libraries. 
  • Encourage your child to draw their superhero or supervillain on an A3-sized sheet.  
  • Share the superpower their superhero or supervillain possesses. 
  • Bring the artwork to any of our libraries and attach a completed form before dropping it into the submission box. 

All entries must be received by 6pm on Monday, 11 March 2024 at any of our libraries.  

Results will be announced on our website no later than 3 weeks after the closing deadline and all participants will be informed via email.

The winning entry will receive a copy of their artwork framed and also a voucher from Paper Plus.

All entries will be proudly showcased at Central Library for our Upper Hutt community to enjoy in March and April. 

Stay connected with us on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, tips, and other information.

For tons of inspiration and superhero content check out the ComicsPlus e-resource on our website for all your heroic needs.

Download superhero drawing template(PDF, 230KB)
Download entry form(PDF, 31KB)


Terms and conditions
  • All entries must be received by 6PM, Monday, 11 March 2024.  
  • All entries must be submitted with a completed entry form attached to a drop box at our libraries.  
  • No digital artwork will be accepted. Only hand-drawn artwork will be accepted.  
  • No fanart is allowed, i.e. no art using copyrighted characters is allowed.  
  • Upper Hutt Libraries has the right to use the artwork on our social media and website for promotional purposes only.  
  • Feedback will not be offered.