Zero Fines

Published on 16 November 2020

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Good news!
From 16 November 2020, we will no longer charge overdue fines.  
Read more about this Zero Fines Initiative.

What will happen to my old overdue fines? 
All outstanding overdue fines will be wiped.

What can I still be charged for?

  • Damaged item fee 

  • Lost item fee  

Will I still be notified about my overdue items?

The following notices will be sent to you:

  • Pre-due reminder: 3 days before an item is due (for email/text notices only) 

  • 3-day overdue reminder 

  • 10-day final overdue reminder 

At 21 days overdue, you receive a bill for the replacement cost because we assume that the item is lost. 
If the item is then brought back, the charge is automatically removed off your account.  


How much can I owe before my account gets blocked?

This will continue to sit at $15, as per our Circulation Policy. If a customer owes more than this, they will need to make a payment if they would like to issue something.  

Customers can make a partial payment or an arrangement to pay (for example, pay $2 every visit).  







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