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Changes coming to Kanopy from 1 November 2023. Kanopy will be switching from using credits to tickets.


With this update, you can easily see how many tickets are required from a title's details page and how long you'll have to watch the video before pressing play. Each month you will receive 30 tickets to use.

Kanopy Great Courses will also be using tickets while Kanopy Kids content remains free to watch.

You can watch Kanopy on your computer, TV or mobile device.

Download the Kanopy App: Apple iOS, Google Play Android, AppleTV or Chromecast.
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Logging into Kanopy

You will be asked to log into your library. Ensure that you are logging into Upper Hutt Libraries.

  • Enter your Library card number and pin number.
  • Create a free Kanopy account with your email address 


Using Kanopy App

Search Apple Store, Google Play store for Kanopy App. 

  • Download the Kanopy app. Search for Upper Hutt Libraries.
  • Enter your library card number and pin/password. 
  • Create a free Kanopy account with your email address 


Kanopy Great Courses

 Explore different courses, including; Art, Literature, Cooking, History, Life Skills, Professional skills and more.

Independent Cinema, World Cinema, Classic, Drama, Comedy, Thriller, LGBTQ and more.



Ethnicity & Identity, Politics, Pop Culture, Art , Science, Health and more.


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