Revelle Jackson Collection

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Capturing the Spirit of a Community


The Revelle Jackson collection consists of over 8,000 images.

Jackson [1918-2015] was a professional photographer, who settled in Mangaroa, Upper Hutt, after emigrating to New Zealand from England in 1952. Jackson had his own studio in Upper Hutt and photographed for the Upper Hutt Leader. During his photographic career, Jackson captured much of Upper Hutt history, including its people, events and places.

The collection is particularly strong in representing Upper Hutt in the 1950s and 1960s, capturing the essence of the decades in which Upper Hutt was booming and undergoing significant and rapid change.


Group of teens attending a dance in the 1960s


People dancing at a Rifle Club dance in the 1960s


The La De Da's at Upper Hutt Rugby Club gym in the late 1960s. They were performing at a Youth Club dance along with with The Bitter End.

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