Meet the Winners of our 2023 Poetry Competition

Published on 25 September 2023

Poetry Competition 2023 web.jpg

We had an incredible number of entries for this year's Poetry Competition - a total of 123 entries across all age categories. 

Today we proudly announced the winning and shortlisted entries of this celebrated event. 



First place: "The Forest(PDF, 188KB)" by Angele Toomey

Second place: "Someday Always(PDF, 51KB)" by Michelle McCulley

Third place: "Nothing lasts forever(PDF, 29KB)" by Devon Johnston




Special mentions 




First place: "Real friends(PDF, 47KB)" by Kathryn Eagle

Second place: "Cherish(PDF, 15KB)" by Jess Frew

Third place: "What is friendship?(PDF, 25KB)" by Aryanna Billington




Special mention

", 40KB) by Kathryn Eagle




First place: "My best friend(PDF, 14KB)" by Liv Jacobs

Second place: "Friendship(PDF, 39KB)" by Lucy Pattinson

Third place: "Brothers(PDF, 41KB)" by Russell Leenders




Special mention

"You are a part of me(PDF, 14KB)" by Seanna Amour G. Fernandez


Our panel of judges had the challenging task of selecting the shortlisted poems from a diverse pool of submissions. Each poem was a unique piece of art, offering insights into the hearts and minds of our community members.

As we sit back and think about the outcomes and why this is important to us, two important reasons stand out. The Poetry Competition continues to be a tradition at Upper Hutt Libraries because we want to provide a platform for budding poets in our community to shine. This competition encourages individuals of all ages to unleash their creativity and share their unique perspectives on life through the play of words. The Award Night brings our community closer together, to appreciate the talented wordsmiths amongst us.

Thank you to our returning poets and to everyone in our community who gave poetry a go for the first time. We are looking forward to your entries next year when we return with our 2024 Poetry Competition.

Poetry will always be a powerful medium for human expression, weaving emotions, thoughts, and dreams into words that touch the soul.

"The poetry of the earth is never dead." - John Keats