Libraries Celebrates Record Turnout of Seniors at Trivia Quiz

Published on 03 October 2023

WEB IMAGES 2023-10-01 Trivia Quiz for Seniors Record Turnout NEWS.jpg

Caption: Seniors bringing a sense of community into Central Library on Sunday during Trivia Quiz for Seniors event.

We are thrilled to celebrate a record-breaking turnout of seniors at our recent Trivia Quiz for Seniors event. 

The library, a hub of lifelong learning and community connection, witnessed a surge in participation by seniors, highlighting the importance of offering free events  and regular programmes tailored to our older residents.

The latest Trivia Quiz for Seniors, held on 1 October, saw a record number of seniors from our community coming together to enjoy an afternoon of fun, laughter, engaging conversation and intellectual stimulation. 

Mike Ryan, Director of Community Services, highlighted the importance of creating an inclusive and vibrant environment where seniors can socialise and continue their lifelong journey of discovery.

"The record turnout of twenty-seven seniors at our Trivia Quiz for Seniors exemplifies the magic that happens when a community comes together to connect,” says Mike Ryan. “Our commitment to the well-being of our senior community members extends beyond providing books and resources. For many seniors, the library serves as a lifeline to the community”.  

Events like the Trivia Quiz for Seniors demonstrate the important role libraries have as a social hub, not only to reduce social isolation, but to present opportunities for seniors to interact and continue to build meaningful relationships with their peers  .

We also recognise that our seniors hold a wealth of knowledge and experience. Events like this stimulate our seniors mentally and intellectually and encourage them to continue their journey of lifelong learning. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the seniors of Upper Hutt for their enthusiastic participation and the wonderful sense of community they bring to our libraries. 

We also thank our dedicated staff who work tirelessly to organise and host this event and look forward to welcoming our seniors back into the Libraries again for our heritage events in the upcoming Wellington Heritage Festival.