Moments of feathered beauty: a bird photography extravaganza

Published on 17 October 2023

PHOTOGRAPHY Tony Stoddard 8 WEB.jpg

Photo credit: Tony Stoddard


Bird photography enthusiasts and nature lovers came together at Central Library on Saturday for a bird photography talk hosted by award-winning photographer, Tony Stoddard.  

The attendees were a diverse mix, from experienced photographers looking to refine their skills to beginners taking their very first step into bird photography, and nature lovers with a penchant for our feathered friends. The interactive talk and lively Q&A conversation were a testament to the universal allure of birds and the art of photography that transcends age, gender, and background. 

PHOTOGRAPHY Tony Stoddard 6 WEB.jpg

Photo credit: Tony Stoddard

We were treated to a captivating presentation by Tony, an Upper Hutt resident, who shared practical recommendations and tips on capturing the mesmerising world of New Zealand’s birdlife.  

With decades of experience and a deep passion for birds, Tony was the perfect choice to share his knowledge. His portfolio, showcasing stunning images of a wide variety of native New Zealand birds, was supported by detailed maps sharing some of the best Upper Hutt locations for bird-watching, including well-known Mount Climie and Kaitoke Regional Park. One of his key messages was that Upper Hutt is home to a surprising variety of native birds, from garden favourites like tūī and piwakawaka (fantail) to the more elusive miromiro (tomtit) and titipounamu (rifleman). 

Tony also shared about the camera equipment and lenses he has used over the years with great results, and advised prospective nature photographers to be mindful of the physical aspects of transporting gear while walking on tracks. Tony’s appreciation for our native birds was an example of how genuine passion for a subject helps to build skills, experience, and expertise.  

PHOTOGRAPHY Tony Stoddard 4 WEB.jpg

Photo credit: Tony Stoddard

We are delighted to have supported Tony in hosting this event and bringing the community together to celebrate the beauty of our natural environment and native birdlife. The attendees not only gained a glimpse into the art of bird photography but had also connected with fellow nature enthusiasts, shared their experiences, and formed new friendships.  

We look forward to hosting Tony again and other enriching events for our community in the near future.